7 IOS Games Available For Download


We are living in the world fun of animations and visual effects. With the increase of the use of mobile phones, we are lured to playing games and install them. For those who are much addicted to the games, here are some games available for your download. Well, the whole world is aware of such games, but this is something more you can get just than a simple download.


=> Post Knight:


Price: Free

Available: IOS and Android

Requires: Android 4.3 and up, IOS 8.0 or up

Website: http://postknight.com/


Post-Knight is a game where you play as a warrior and you act as a medieval mailman. The town people need the stuff, and you are the sole person capable of delivering those things without being devoured by wolves. Once, he receives the license, he then is capable of delivering the things with the help of the sword, shield, and potions. By taking the quest from the nearby postbox, you then earn experience and materials which are used to upgrade your equipment. Once you finish your quest, you are allowed to move ahead for the next stages.


=> Fire Emblem Heroes:


Price: Free

Available: IOS and Android

Requires: Android 4.2 and up, IOS 8.0 or up

Website: https://fire-emblem-heroes.com/en/


With the combination of familiar mechanics and dozens of iconic characters, Fire Emblem Heroes crafts as the perfect mobile game. It is made available in Android and IOS admitting with the fact that it lacks in 3D category. The solo campaign allows you to encounter some characters from the previous entries which are called into your world by the evil sources. Each chapter comes along with a new battle and that goes on moving as you play.


=> Rogue Life:


Price: Free

Available: IOS and Android

Requires: Android 4.1 and up, IOS 7.0 or up


It is the game of the shooter who continuously keeps on running and sprinkles all the elements to make it a better experience. You will have to command the team as they destroy the enemies and complete the stage in search of endless loot and upgrades.


=> Subway Surfers:


Price: Free

Available: IOS and Android

Requires: IOS 7.0 or up


It is a traveling game to Monaco. As you travel along the car, you are to collect as many points as you can and be safe from the hands of the police. With this, you keep on unlocking the kit and enjoy the experience.


=> Temple Run 2:


Price: Free

Available: IOS and Android

Requires: IOS 6.0 or up


You have to keep on running along with that you have to collect the points to stay alive. You get different running paths and weather before you are caught. You have to keep on running to unlock different stages and experiences.


=>Hill Climb Racing:


Price: Free

Available: IOS and Android

Requires: IOS 8.0 or up


As you are the driver, and you have the ability to choose your own road and vehicle and have to reach the end. As you collect the points, you fill up your fuel tank wherein you have to surpass all obstacles along your way.


=> JetPack Joyride:


Price: Free

Available: IOS only

Requires: IOS 7.0or up


You are on with the bullet proof jacket, trying to be safe from the mechanical giants and birds. You need to be safe and collect the coins to get the coolest collection of the jackets.


Final Thought:


We all know that the games have changed our lives. The IOS Developers have changed the course of IOS Game Development. These are the some of the best IOS Games for download. You can install them and have fun.

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