Guidelines to Crack the IOS Human Interface


Mobile Apps have replaced the websites and Responsive Websites. They have for almost all reasons taken the place and space; be it gaming, education, marketing, banking, communication, finance, medical, lifestyle, etc. and you will find the best IOS Apps that fulfills all your desires easily. Well, it’s a great challenge for the developers to maintain the bridge between the system and the app that is being developed. So, for all the IOS Developers, here are a few IOS App Development guidelines to crack the human interface.


Screen resolution & Display:


Each of the Apple products comes in different resolution and size; starting with the iPhones, iPads, and tablets. To develop an App, first of all for which device you wish to develop it, becomes your first question. As each device has different resolution and size to display, the IOS Developers has to keep this thing in mind. 




This is one of the important aspects of the GUI. Icons are one of the visual forms of the representation. Graphics speak more than words; so, the more clear the icons the more user-friendly and understandable it becomes. Well, it is said that the IOS has the most user-friendly icons. Thus, the App also should follow the same guidelines wherein the user can easily be able to understand the purpose and its use. The icons of different devices are different in shape and size. So, uniformity should be maintained between the device and the Apps. 




In the WWDC 2015, the announcement of the new San Francisco Fonts was made. Well, the font is classified into display and text, wherein the display is used for the UI components and text can be used for the wide letter and text spacing. Well, you can use the True Type Fonts within the IOS App. It’s quite obvious that the fonts that you select for the App would match with the system. Along with the typography, the color scheme also plays a vital role in the GUI. The IOS platform has a variety of color palette and if you wish to use a custom color scheme from the vibrant color palette. 


The controls:


The App and the system are nothing without the controls. Each and every task is depended on controls. One of the widely used controls is the button; without this nothing can be done. You can style its text, appearance, and give the effects as you like. To choose from the multiple items, we have the date picker, you can scroll through the dates, months, and can easily select the particular day. If you have multiple values, the slider control allows you to pick specific values from multiple options. Having multiple options, you can set maximum and minimum values and can choose it from them. Another control is the switch control in the IOS devices, which allows you to toggle between the 2 states. Last but not the least; the keyboard is one such control that can’t be left out. 


The standard design controls:


There are many ready-to-use controls available that are the benchmark of the IOS platform. The IOS Designers can easily make use of these elements and can develop multiple apps. Before going any further, just think twice and make a wise use of the tools and the elements for the design. At a certain stage, some can be altered and can be used and customized. 


Final Thoughts:

These were some normal Human Interface guidelines that an IOS App Developer should always keep in mind. For more assistance regarding IOS App Development, please email us at or give us a call on +44 20 8144 6541 / +1 917 675 3286. 

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